About us

The company Neir is specialized in research, analysis, documentation, restoration and conservation of movable and immovable cultural property.

One of the basic starting points of the company, in the context of conservation and restoration, is to respect aesthetic and ethical principles according to international standards and recommendations. Application of the most modern methods when documenting cultural heritage (laser scanner Leica New MS50, Riegl, Konica Minolta, Z Scan, etc.), detailed drawing in the given standards (CAD program) and photographic documentation; give us the detailed insight into pre-existing condition, as well as in carried conservation-restoration procedures and final appearance of the treated object.

Our laboratory conduct the research of the physical and chemical properties of materials (analytical and instrumental methods of chemical analysis) in order to diagnose the causes of deterioration. Laboratory studies are also performed on the original materials, used through various art-historical period, in order to make the identical materials for reconstructive usage. The chemical and mechanical cleaning and round laser cleaning methods in a conservation-restoration works on various materials (Phoenix Zenit, Paragon, Phoenix Compact, Smart Clean, Michelangelo) enable the precise removal of dirt even on a more complex damaged surfaces.

Many experts in the company, with their higher education, competence and long working experience cover the fields of restoration and conservation of various materials such as stone, metal, wood, plaster, murals, mosaics, ceramics, brick, mortar and archaeological materials. The multidisciplinary character of their profession allows them to cooperate with professional, scientific and higher education institutions and institutes in Croatia and abroad.